Shady Island
Canvas Pouch

We have amazing, loyal customers spanning back to the early days of Shady Island who had been asking for a cool case to carry their Shady Island Sunglasses and keep them protected.

Many of whom bought their first pair while visiting Jamaica on vacation years back. Although we offer quality sunglasses at affordable prices it made us happy to know so many of our day 1’s wanted a solution to keep their Shady Island safe.

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Gear 2
Gear 3

This is what we came up with, an eco-friendly canvas sunglasses pouch. It’s padded inside so as to not scratch the lens which also gives protection from accidental drops. To seal it up, instead of opting for a button, zipper or velcro, we went with a sleek minimalistic snap-shut design opening.

This locking mechanism is very easy to open without fiddling with a zipper that can get stuck or a lost button or worn out velcro. The snap-shut design also prevents accidentally leaving it open and lasts forever.

Gear 4
Gear 5

It’s designs mimic our mantra at Shady Island, chill, relax, and only good island vibes. They’re easy to use, provide adequate protection,  eco-friendly, and styled to suit your vibe.

We proudly introduce our Shady Island Canvas case.

To introduce our new cases and for a LIMITED TIME, we’re giving everyone a FREE CASE with every pair of Shady Island Sunglasses purchased on our website

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